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Wood Repairs & French Polishing in Essex

Does your wood surface have chips, dents, scratches or marks?

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We give new life to old wood.

With over a decade of experience, our team of skilled craftsmen and french polishers are experts at restoring wood to its original look.


We work fast and effectively to get the job done on time.


There’s a reason our motto is “Don’t replace, Repair”.


Building trust with our clients is important to us.


Our Services

Wood repair & restoration specialist in Essex, UK.

Wood repair

Extend the life of your wood with our reliable repair solutions.

Wood restoration

Revitalize your wood with our professional restoration services.

Wood refinishing

Bring new luster to tired wood with our refinishing expertise.

Wood staining

Enhance natural beauty of wood with our precise staining techniques.

Wood replacement

Eliminate damaged wood with our expert replacement services.

Rot repair

Protect your property with our professional wood rot repair services.

Structural repair

Maintain structural integrity with our wood structural repair expertise.

Antique restoration

Preserve history with our expert antique wood restoration services.

Woodwork & Fabrication

Transform your space with our custom woodwork and fabrication.

Custom Wood Stain

Personalize the look of your wood with our custom staining options.

Water Rings & Stains

Remove water damage with our expert water ring and stain repair.

Strip & Refinish

Restore the shine of your wood with our strip and refinish services.

Scratch & Dent Repairs

Eliminate unsightly scratches and dents with our professional scratch and dent repair.

Full-Service Wood Repair

Completely revive your wood with our full-service repair options.

Retouching & Expert Colour Matching

Achieve seamless finishes with our expert retouching and color matching.

Commercial Wood Enhancement

Enhance the look of commercial spaces with our professional wood enhancement.

Window repair & restoration

Improve efficiency and look of windows with our professional repair and restoration services.

Furniture repair & restoration

Restore cherished furniture with our professional repair and restoration services.

Cabinet repair & restoration

Renew the look of your cabinets with our comprehensive cabinet repair and restoration.

Door repair & restoration

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of doors with our expert repair and restoration.

Bespoke services

If you’re looking for other services, feel free to get in touch.

Our Clients

We work with many clients from private & domestic work, in the construction industry or with architects & designers.


Private & Domestic


Building & Construction


Architects & Designers

Private & Domestic

We help many private householders to improve their living area by  providing the best possible  service.

Building & Construction

The construction market is our priority where our ability to repair  or restore almost any surface can be crucial.

Architects & Designers

We are working very close with the most extraordinary architects and designers who design for new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments.


We’re extremely flexible and can work at almost any scale.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the work we do at WoodFixers.

Mark W, CEO WoodFixers.

WoodFixers - Wood Repair & Restoration in Essex

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